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The UN Nations

             The type of bridge that I am going to attempt to build is called a Warren Truss bridge. I am going to use regular round toothpicks and glue in this process and that is all. There are many important steps that must be followed in order to build a bridge that can withstand a decent amount of weight without it cracking or braking apart. First of all, what I am going to do is create a basic sketch or blueprint of the bridge that I want to make so I can have a good understanding of how the bridge will be structured. Then after I understand my drawing, I will take my toothpicks on a smooth surface and make a flat deck of toothpicks glued together that can be a few layers thick and have it span approximately 22 centimeters wide and about 25 centimeters long. I will next make sure that the deck is firmly together and let it completely dry so I can go onto the next step. Now that the deck is dried and secure I can now make the required hole in the center of the bridge that is 1 centimeter in diameter. I must also make sure that there is room for 4 centimeters above and below the bridge deck area. .
             Furthermore, the deck is complete so now I can begin building up on the bridge. What I will do next is glue the toothpicks together according the drawing of the bridge and make sure I construct two identical walls for both of the sides of the bridge. After that, I set them aside so they can dry and so I can begin to make the middle part of the bridge. For the middle, I will make almost the same, as the outer walls, but there will be a little bit of a different design. I should glue that together and also set it aside to completely dry with the other walls.
             When they dry I can now begin the part where I put the bridge actually together. First, I will get the middle part of the walls and find some way to secure it firmly to the deck. Secondly, I will connect the outer two walls of the bridge also.

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